Seminar ScheduleSeminars are often dull, filled with boring powerpoint presentations, and speakers who put you to sleep. What you're really interested in is the Lapband: learning about how the lapband works, and deciding if it's the best tool for you on your weight loss journey.  We think you'll enjoy our seminars, led by Dr. Terry Simpson, who is known as the most experienced Lapband surgeon in Arizona, and also for his humor and lively presentations.

On-Demand Lapband Seminars: See Home Page

Soon we will offer something more.  An on-demand seminar that you can view from your own computer, in your own time, from the privacy of your home. 

We have been honored to be chosen by more Arizonans for their band surgery than any other practice. We think it is because we two things well -- we install the band well and we think what is as important is that  but we know how to take care of you after surgery. We are dedicated to getting you to your weight loss goal.

There are two important components to success: a good operation, and learning how to take care of the band after surgery. While we are very proud of how we conduct an operation, and the success of the procedure, we feel what sets us apart is how we teach you to use your band.  The band is just the start of a journey -- if you have a band installed but do not learn to use it, all you have is an expensive piece of plastic.  With our extensive patients, we provide the support, the knowledge, and the surgeon to help you get to your goal and stay there. Learning how to use the band is critical -- but this is something we only offer to our patients. 


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